Meat and Seafood Sales
Our Rotary Club is selling MacGregor Quality Meats and Seafood ( as a fundraiser.   
To find out more information email Lynda Noll ( ) and she will send you the pricing information and order form.
The order has to placed with Lynda by Monday September 27th at 12;00 pm  Your order will then arrive on Thursday, September 30th for pickup at 8 Red Tail Court at 5:00 pm.  It's curbside pickup and safe. You will just drive up in your car and one of our volunteers will place your order in your car.
We ask that you please send this notice to your family and friends.  Every dollar we raise is another dollar that we can use to help those in need in our community.
 Let's make this a success and with your help, we certainly can do it.