Another founding member, Stan, has also had an interesting life story.
For August 13th, 2020
TOPIC:  “All About Stan.”
THE GUY BEHIND THE MASK: The guy behind the mask “really wanted to be a Marine Biologist, but I ended up a Dentist”.
MOVE TO CANADA FROM SLOVAKIA: It all started in 1967 when my father was offered a position as Associate Professor at McMaster University, in Hamilton, Ontario. First, my father came to Canada from Slovakia, while my mother, a chemist, followed, bringing my brother Fred and me, to Canada in 1968.
Although my parents were professionals in the Mathematics and Science fields in Slovakia, they also were active in entertainment, and the Arts, being actors in Slovakian playhouses.
GROWING-UP IN CANADA, FAMILY LIFE, AND CAREER CHOICE: I grew up in a  strict family  environment, where both of my parents worked, were gone all day, leaving  my brother, Fred,  the task of looking after me, his  younger brother who at times strayed away from home during  daytime.  I started and learned English from Kindergarten onwards. 
As I grew up, I had little choice in choosing a career. My father made it quite clear that I had to choose from the following:  either a doctor, lawyer, dentist, or an engineer.  I, being a slow reader, but also liked the practical (hands-on),  chose through a process of  “eliminating which one I believe would be less reading and work for me ; dentistry.”  Although my concentration was on/in the technical subjects, I also had an interest in acting, and therefore took elective courses in Drama and  Creative writing. 
ARRYTHMIA AND SPORTS:  Because I also had arrythmia, or an irregular heart beat, my parents insisted that I play sports because they believe that sports would help to regulate arrythmia. Consequently, I played recreational soccer, and hockey. I have coached soccer teams and played in leagues at all levels, from house league to professional. I liked the good exercise, and the competitive nature of the game (soccer). Recently, I have taken up playing golf.
My brother, Fred, played volley ball, and focused on the field of study which he wanted to go into: Today he is a Palliative Care doctor/physician in Mississauga, Ontario.
MY FAMILY, BROTHER’S FAMILY, & PARENTS STILL ALIVE AND ACTIVE IN MEADOWVALE:     My brother has a family of two daughters and one son, while I have two sons and one daughter. My oldest son, 30, is a lawyer; my daughter, 28, works in the Hospitality industry; my youngest son, 26, is studying Media Relations at Humber College Of Arts and Technology.
All other members of my extended family still live in Europe. Only my immediate family is here in Canada. My parents are still alive: my mother, at 84, still cooks for herself, while my father, 91, is still active. Weekly, all of us visit with each other regularly at our parents, in Meadowvale